LEAP Fitness Team

Jonas Zimnickas, athlete personal trainer and owner of LEAP Fitness will coach you using methods and skills learned from world class coaches and over 10 years experience of working in the fitness industry. With a determination to help others driving him, Jonas will share all that he has learnt and spend time getting to know you to help you reach your goals.

Maartje Mart is our resident Yoga teacher who will be easing in those new to yoga and developing the practices of those with experience. Having taught yoga for over 10 years, Maartje’s classes adjust depending on the participants, but always have a flow. Attention is given to aligning the body in the different postures to create balance.

Vida Krakowska will be cooking for you during your stay, ensuring you enjoy balanced delicious meals. Vida is used to cooking with fresh local ingredients and at home regularly makes her own sausages, smokes her own meats and fish and grows and preserves her own fruits and vegetables.

Melchior Arnold is a motivational speaker and ex professional footballer from Ibiza who will be putting fire in your belly and determination in your heart with his wisdom.



by Jonas Zimnickas

“My philosophy on achieving a stronger, fitter, healthier and happier life is simple, it cannot be achieved; it has to be lived, every day”

It can’t be attained by completing the ‘right’ training programme, finding the ‘right’ diet plan or by buying the best equipment. It has to be lived, by carrying out the right actions consistently, and those actions must be achievable, balanced, engaging and enjoyable.

I have played basketball nationally, competed internationally as a sprinter and won several physique competitions, as well as training many clients from all walks of life and through all of this the happiest, healthiest, strongest most successful people (long term) are those with balance in their lifestyle, positive mind sets and a motive that is bigger than the next holiday or the next competition.

Becoming a father made me reassess my motives for training and eating well, it was no longer about how I looked, or my sporting performance, my intentions now are to have more energy, better health and to enjoy my life more fully, as well as to pass on good habits to my daughters. I have also developed a much bigger desire to help others, just because it feels good to see others feeling better.

Many of the men I know and train feel negatively about their physique or lifestyle and although they train and try to eat well, their training sessions are snatched hours from hectic schedules, where their minds are less on what they are doing with me and more on what they feel they should be doing in other areas of their life, or need to do after the session. Their diets are even more erratic, some trying to stick to strict, short term fad diets, but full of resentment that it is boring, prevents them from eating out or enjoying their favourite foods.

To have the maximum impact on my clients I needed to take them out of their routine, away from their schedules, to an environment where they can relax, switch off from their everyday life and make some serious LEAPs towards the lifestyle and health they desire.

Philosophy on achieving a Stronger, Fitter, Healthier and Happier life is simple
Regular Exercise is best for our Physical and Mental Health

We all know that regular exercise is best for our physical and mental health and yet so many people struggle to be consistent in their training or do it because they feel they should rather than because they want to, all the time doubting if they are doing the right thing in the the right way. If exercise is to become an integral part of life you need the opportunity to try out a range of training styles, not just the latest fads, with expert guidance on correct technique, to find one you enjoy, one that suits your personality and will help you achieve your individual goals.

Diet is a topic of constant debate with conflicting advice on what we should be eating and why. It is therefore no surprise that so many of my clients struggle to maintain a healthy diet as they flit from dieting to binging. I provide a simple, balanced, sustainable diet to allow clients to feel the benefits to their energy levels, performance and happiness without the pressure of doing it themselves and dispelling the myth that eating well needs to be complicated, laborious or boring.

The final and most important part of the retreat from my perspective is improving mind sets. My journey has not been easy, I have had a lot of hurdles to overcome and I know if your internal dialogue is negative you have very little chance of achieving anything. I have spent years using visualisation, motivational speeches and some soul searching to help me focus and succeed in sport, athletics and my career and this knowledge has informed my approach as a trainer. A physical barrier to success is nothing compared to a mental one.

I recognise everyone as an individual and take the time to get to know you, what’s holding you back and what will motivate you to LEAP forward. Having attended warm weather training camps I know that a residential break is much more effective in addressing mind set than once a week sessions, but you must continue what you have learnt when you return home.

LEAP fitness retreats gives you the head space to reflect, reassess and take on new ideas, the guidance and coaching to gain the tools and skills to train effectively beyond the retreat, the knowledge and understanding of how to eat well, without compromising on taste or variety, as well as the support and encouragement to boost your self-belief and confidence in your abilities.

I believe that it is only when you put diet, mind set and activation together properly that you can really make a sustainable LEAP towards the stronger, healthier, happier life you deserve.


Learn from our team to eat, train and live to improve your health, happiness and reach your goals.


Eat fresh, nutritous meals, prepared by our own cook, to supercharge your health and performance. Simple clean dishes that you can easily recreate on your return home


Activate your whole body, through a wide range of training sessions. Find a training style that suits you, guided by Jonas, to ensure correct technique and optimum results.


Progress towards your goals, gaining the confidence and skills to make long term changes, supported by Jonas and the LEAP team.



Neale Donald Walsch