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How fit do I need to be?
LEAP is for all fitness levels. If you are medically well we can help you work towards your goals. If you are fit we will challenge you, if you are just starting out, we will guide you more gradually, ensuring you still make progress. If you are nervous about your fitness level prior to the break we can support you with pre break online coaching or you could book one to one sessions.


What is different about LEAP Fitness Retreats?
LEAP is Jonas’ vision for creating a better, stronger you. He practices what he preaches and understands how to overcome barriers and excel in fitness and sport. Jonas’ approach focuses on mind set and guiding you to develop a new approach to life, training and diet.


How big is the group?
There is a maximum group size of 9 people to ensure each client gets the support they need.


Do I have to do all the activities?
Breaks are designed to provide and wide range of training styles to help you find your preferred style. You are encouraged to take part in all activities as this will provide the biggest benefit to your health and often the training style you had never considered turns out to be your favourite. You will not however be pushed to do anything you don’t want to do, this is not a bootcamp and we want to work with you and encourage and empower you.


Do I have time to chill out and relax?
Jonas believes that it is essential for your health and a balanced lifestyle to have time to relax and recover. You will have time between sessions and in the evening to do your own thing, breaks are about your lifestyle as a whole not just working your body hard physically. You will be in a beautiful location, so feel free to explore and enjoy the surroundings.


I have been trying to tone up and get leaner for years, will this help?
Our fitness breaks will provide you with the tools you need to reach whatever goal you have set yourself. Your mind and approach is often the main barrier to success and as well as giving you the training and diet support to succeed we hope you will leave with a fresh approach to training eating and living.


I am carrying an old injury – will I be able to attend?
It depends exactly what the injury is. If you have any concerns we strongly advise that you see a health professional before booking the break to ensure that you will be able to access the sessions and develop. If you would like to discuss an injury please do not hesitate to contact us.


What are the other people on the course like?
Clients range in age and lifestyle, although most do some training and are between 24 and 50. The majority of clients are single travellers although some do book up as a pair or group of friends.


Can I smoke and drink alcohol?
The LEAP villa will be free of alcohol (we ask that clients don’t bring alcohol to the villa) and rarely do clients smoke. We don’t encourage either of these habits as they do not support you in improving your health and fitness. You may want to use the retreat as an opportunity to reduce/quit drinking alcohol/smoking. You will however have free time and of course it is your choice what you do in this time.


I am worried about training in the heat
Our most strenuous sessions will be done in the morning, with hikes and cycling taking place in the afternoon. Our breaks take place in the shoulder seasons of late spring and early autumn and off season in the winter, reducing the chance of heat related problems.


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